Not so long ago we had to carry a heavy camera wherever we went to click pictures. Those days are behind us now. These days, all you need is a good smart phone to click awesome photos. These days, you won’t find even tourists hanging around with big cameras. With smart phones, capturing images has become really easier. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all smart phones are good when it comes to capturing images. So, you really need to do your own research before you select a new smart phone. You should different smart phones available in the market and see which one is the best when it comes to camera. So what are the factors that you need to look for?

Mega pixel count

Yes, mega pixel count is a big factor. When it comes to smart phones, the camera has evolved greatly over the years. You can take high quality pictures. Just imagine you are doing repair service and you need an HQ photo of the mother board. Just click a photo with your smart phone and use the photo for your purpose. Speaking of the quality of the pictures the mega pixel count really matters. The quality of the photo will improve with the increase in the mega pixel count. So if you are looking for photos with good resolution, then you should opt for a phone with the highest mega pixel count.

Current smart phones

We have quoted the example of the pic of an effective iphone repair in Toowoomba. Similar way, you can take higher resolution photos when you have smart phones with the higher mega pixel count. Let’s check out today’s scenario.

• Today, an average smart phone has 8MP or more mega pixel count for the main camera.

• As for front camera, not all smart phones have them. In comparison they have a lower mega pixel count. They are mainly used for taking selfies these days.

• However, there are issues when it comes to higher mega pixel count. It has the tendency to jam into the sensor. Also, it may increase the noise.

• Therefore, having good mega pixel count alone won’t be enough to take high quality photos. There are other factors too.


Zoom is an important factor when it comes to smart phone cameras. When it comes to most phones, they come with a specific zoom – for example, 4x, 10x etc. This is going to be really effective in avoiding pixilated images. If you love photography then you are definitely going to love the zoom feature.

Camera apps

Having a camera app is really important when it comes to taking quality photos. When it comes to camera apps, they come with many interesting features. Merging two photos, adding animation etc. are cool effects that you can try. Your friends are going to love your Instagram pictures when you explore these features.