The game of poker is perhaps the most famous when it comes to gambling. There is still a large and varied player base all over the world, which means that no matter where you go, you will always be bound to find someone else to play the game with you. The popularity of the game has led to its highly competitive nature, particularly when played with the high stakes of gambling. 

One thing you need to understand about gambling is the fact that people are always after more money. Most of them will never stop at anything, and they will use all of the tactics in order to ensure that they will come out on top. As a result of this, not everyone is going to play very honestly when it comes to live poker games. Cheating is common, even in highly regulated environments, so you might want to read about some clever ways to trick other players yourself in order to one-up them when the going gets tricky. 

Following are some easy and effective methods to cheat in a live poker game. Keep in mind that these do not work all the time. You shouldn’t rely entirely on these strategies, as it can be dangerous if you are caught engaging in such practices. 

Scan Cards 

Want to know what is exactly on another player’s hand? The best way to do this is to use a poker scanning camera that can reveal what is the card that is exactly ahead of you, even though it is facing the opposite way and you have no clue about it. With a scanning device installed in a personal item like your smartphone, your chances of getting caught are quite low. Just ensure you are subtle with your movements and keep your expression steady. 

Use of Marked Cards 

If you cannot afford or use a dedicated poker cheat software, your best bet at cheating is to mark the cards using some sort of guidelines in order to distinguish one from the other. The markings need to be unnoticeable to other players, but evident enough for you to make a decision. The problem is that marking cards can be difficult when shuffling decks frequently, forcing you to rely on other means. 

Use of Polished Surfaces

Have you ever wondered why there might be some shiny objects lying around in the room you are currently in? They are not there just for decoration, but rather to see the decks of other players without them noticing about it. Their positioning is also strategic, so take care when playing in an unknown environment set up by another dealer Always ensure the protection of your hand before trying to see what others are currently holding in their own hand.